Kickin’ Us Off …

To get started here’s one of my all time favourite windsurf shots that I’ve taken of, in my humble non-windsurfing* opinion, undoubtedly one of the best ever windsurfers, Robby Naish: this one is an oldie but a goodie! I shot it about 13 years ago when I really didn’t know much about photography or windsurfing. I’d borrowed an uncle’s film camera which was pretty old and clunky and definitely didn’t shoot a zillion frames per second. The image was shot on film and I had one chance to get the action at the precise moment. Who knew I’d end up with a crazy high, fully extended one handed tabletop! Some may say it’s an old move and things have moved on and you may well be right but I personally think it’s a shame you don’t see too many of these moves nowadays.

The quality of the photo may not be the best and not to the standards I’d like to see from myself today but I’m still proud of this image of Robby Naish’s one handed tabletop. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t love it so much if it wasn’t Robby Naish ….
One handed tabletop, 1998, Robby Naish, Ho'okipa Beach Park, Maui, Hawaii taken by Sofie Louca, Amorphia Photography

*I swear I’ll stop mentioning that I don’t windsurf but for now it’s almost like an indirect disclaimer in advance for any glaring windsurf mistakes I blunder into! 😉

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