The Fish Bowl Diaries

Not sure how many of you go to bed and think up ideas in the moments just before falling asleep and then wake up in the morning only to have either forgotten them, think how great they could be or just how downright ridiculous the concept! If all else fails Paul is usually the first person to tell me, in no uncertain terms, if an idea is just totally lousy! This website is one of those just before falling asleep ideas – you can pass judgement as to which of the above categories it fall into!

Towards the end of our trip to Hawaii last year, I was wondering what I could do with all the windsurfing photos Paul and I had taken … usually they’d just sit on a hard drive taking up space or I’d spend hours burning them to dvd never to load them up again! This time I wanted to make use of them and I came up with what I’ve envisioned to be a reasonably ok idea (or at least in the mind of an non-windsurfer!). This site is going to be a means of using the photos I took but primarily it’s going to be an interview site – of sorts! I’m going to interview a range of windsurfers but being from a non-windsurf background I’d like to think I’ll be coming at the interviews from a slightly different angle to the usual ‘where’s your favourite spot to sail?’! Sure we’re going to throw in some of the usual questions – have to keep you windsurfers interested – but at the same time we’ll be delving into the lives of windsurfers a little more in depth … that’s if we can get them to open up! If all else fails, I promise there will be windsurfing photos to look at 🙂

Enjoy … and any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Sofie xoxo

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