Elena Pompei

Something’s not right if you turn up at Ho’okipa on a windy day and Elena Pompei isn’t rigging her sail or already in the water! Saying she’s passionate about windsurfing is an understatement. Almost always the first one in and the last one out, she spends hours upon hours in the water and sails in some of the gnarliest conditions alongside some of the best sailors. Elena’s stamina keeps her out sailing all day and it’s pretty much only the darkness, a dinner engagement or too many surfers in the water that get her out onto dry land!! 🙂

Elena is multi-talented and successful in so many things she turns her hand to. She is not only a great windsurfer but also a business owner, swimwear designer and maintains over 7000 palm trees! Originally, hailing from Italy she is now based on Maui with her husband Mark Angulo. For more information about Angulo products, please visit: www.markangulo.com

The Basics:
Name: Elena Pompei
Status: Happily married to Mark Angulo
Where are you currently based? Haiku,Maui
Sponsors: Naish,Powerex ,Black Project Fins,Da Kine
Why are you so passionate about windsurfing? I love to ride waves,with or without a sail, it’s just a great feeling,you feel so close to nature and interact with the wave and the ocean…
Most visited website? Markangulo.com and mamasbeachcam.com
Three words you believe describe you: romantic,childish.,stubborn
Three words that others might use to describe you: affectionate,funny,loyal
A phrase or motto you live by: tomorrow is never promised

Shallow Waters
What was for breakfast this morning? same as every morning:papaya,cottage cheese with maple syrup and crakers with jelly
If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Jesus,I would figure out so many things about myself and this world….
If you were a superhero, which power would you want to have? flying.i did skydive before and it was sick!!!!!!
You’re going on a windsurfing trip to a desert island, other than your windsurf gear, what 3 things do you take with you? Mark,I pod and diet cokes
Favorite movie? Favorite song? I have sooo many I love ,one I can watch million times is National Lampoons Christmas vacation.,music,anything Radiohead
What one thing can you not live without (non-windsurfing related!) for sure my husband
Favorite place to eat: a good sushi
When you travel what don’t you leave home without? My stuffed animal I sleep with ,sudoku,my make up bag
If your life story was being made into a movie, who would play your role? And who would be your leading lady? Probably Claire Danes and Leonardo di Caprio,they are both great actors and I loved them in Romeo and Juliet
Who would you like to sit next to on a long haul flight? Brad Pitt
You have four dinner guests, what’s on the menu? Risotto saffron with zucchini and mushrooms
What poster did you have on your wall growing up? Brad Pitt’s Legends of the fall ,and Mark’s Neyl Pryde 🙂
Favorite or most used app? whatsapp
Money is no object and you have one of those awesome transporter pods from Star Trek so how would you spend your fantasy 24 hours? Some island swimming with dolphins…but the list goes on…..
If you were invisible for a day what would you get up to? A space shuttle ready to leave ,space always fascinated me
What person would you like to swap lives with for one day? Mark,on a sick huge day at Hookipa,and do the sickest areals 360s and mutants that unfortunately I will never do!!!
Do you play any other sports? Surf,snowboard,tennis….i used to do ballet for many years…
What would you do if you won the lottery? I would buy an island in Polynesia
If I take a look inside your refrigerator what would I find? Lots of veggies,cottage cheese,,iced tea fruits ,frozen pizzas white wine
If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional with whom would it be? A top surfer like Taj or Kelly,and get barreled all week long…
If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? The other Elena

How long have you been windsurfing? started at 17 in lake Garda,but I guess I do consider my last 10 the ones I have learned the most…
Where is your favourite windsurfing spot and why? Hookipa when is not crowded ,but then I haven’t been in many good ones like Cabo Verde,so I could even change my mind one day…
What equipment are you sailing on at this current time? Angulo sick boards ,65 and 68 Naish boxers and soon chopper
Who was your inspiration when you started windsurfing and why? Robby Naish,all the Hawaiians in the late 80’s early 90’s ,Mark included.
What’s your preference? Multi-fin or single fin? Jumping or wave-riding? twinser and quad,but I will go back on a single soon and will see,use to love my single asy…definitely waveriding,and it’s friendlier on the back!!
Which move are you currently trying to master? Would love to do a 360 …one of these days I will start trying and eat s…. obviously 🙂
Windsurfing was a hugely popular sport in the 80s. Do you believe it will make a comeback and if so how can people help this along? No I don’t ,too expensive and not that many spots with wind and waves ,plus media are not interested,so it’s a tough one.
What is your most vivid or favourite memory of a personal windsurfing moment? Sailing with big whales one foot away couple of years ago
Where was your scariest ride? Tell us a little about the experience. Loosing my equipment in lanes and get sucked out in the impact zone on a big day with 5 /6 sails only ,easy to drown by exhaustion
If you weren’t a windsurfer, what would you be doing? I would surf and snowboard a lot,miss the mountains !
Which windsurfing move do you wish you had invented? Proud to say my husband invented the most important ones,so I am happy anyways!!!
What are you doing when you’re not windsurfing? Surfing if it’s glassy…taking care of my 7000 plus palms,landscaping,working with my bikinis,taking care of my 4 pets,hanging out with Mark, the more the better..
What kind of training do you do, be it physical or mental, to keep you in shape for windsurfing? Taking care of 2 acres keep me fit enough,I should do stretching or yoga I guess but I don’t do anything!!!!
What are your favorite conditions to sail in? Light wind,logo to mast waves

Deep Waters
Other than family, what do you cherish in your life and why is it so important to you? I think I cherish my values and my integrity,if I give a word to somebody I keep it.
What is the kindest thing someone has ever done or said to you? My husband is very thoughtful and uplifting 24/7
Do you believe in a higher power? Elaborate a little on your beliefs. I believe in God and in creation,I believe that you can make anything happen if you really want it
Tell us about an event that changed your life or your character? Windsurfing and moving to Maui
Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions? I wanted to be a ballerina,but when I started traveling in my early 20’s I stopped. If I was born in Hawaii or a sick surfing spot I would have loved to be a pro surfer,sadly being from Italy I started way too late,but it’s still fun…
Do you have any pet hates? if you consider a gecko a pet hate,I do then,but I am fast at catching them.
What is a typical night out? What is a typical night in? Not much out here in Maui,I did plenty of partying starting at 16 in Rome,and then in the mainland,so I am over it,a good night out would be a movie with hubby….nights in are the best,good dinner and tv,we always have fun !
If you could be anywhere past or present, where would you like to be right now and with whom? Maui,when I first met Mark,at 22,it was such a cooler place back then…..but with the wisdom of now lol but then back in past centuries wouldn’t be bad either,I could write a huge list
What was the last book you read & what was the last movie you watched? The Key by Nancy Missler,50/50 with Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon Levitt,it was good!
What was the saddest time of your life and or the happiest? when I lost my pet bunny Herbert was very sad,when I got married one of the happiest
A piece of wisdom you’d pass onto your kids? No kids by choice,so no wisdom to pass…I am still learning a lot myself,but sure one is live fully by the moment ,time goes by fast….and do not complain too much,things need to be seen in perspective and it could be much worse!
What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? I have lots of endurance and I am tough, hate confrontations
What has been your greatest achievement outside of windsurfing? Building a great and fulfilled life with the love of my life Mark
What is your favorite childhood memory? Summers in Lake Garda,where my mum is from .but then i have many more cause thank God I had a very happy childhood
If you find yourself getting burned out or are stuck in a rut, what do you do to revitalize yourself or snap out of it? Talk about it with Mark,he is a good listener and a wise man.
What do you see yourself doing in 10 years from now? Probably surfing a lot more than sailing ,traveling more and baking pies lol
How do you personally define success? If you are happy with yourself and your life,then you can consider yourself successful,it’s not about your job or your bank account.
What do you consider to be your worst quality? Your best quality? I am very impatient,working on it but it’s hard….i am a hard worker and I go for it.
What irritates you about other people and how do you deal with it? I don’t like braggers and know it all ,this world is plenty of….
What accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction in your life? Probably being happily married and finding my best friend.
If you had to live your life over again what would you change about it? At times I wasted time I feel,but altogether I am happy where I am..

And Finally…
I’m a big believer in…. you can skizzle all you want,but at a certain time you will pay,either here or there…
Call me crazy but….. I will refuse to get out of the water even after 4 hours if it’s sick out there
My favorite place on earth is…. my bed
My parents are….divorced
I could never…. go in the water without a wetsuit,I am always cold!!!
I’ve always wanted to… have a horse.
Life is nothing without… somebody to share it with
Today I will…. have fun somehow
The internet is…. useful and scary at the same time
If I had the power I would change… all the meat eaters into vegetarians,and I would stop all the animal testing

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