Victor Fernández : E42

Look Victor up on the internet and you’ll find scores upon scores of websites featuring him and little wonder as he’s one of the best windsurfers in the industry at this time. PWA Wave World Champion in 2010 as well as many other career results, Victor hasn’t just sat back on his laurels but pushes himself throughout the year sailing all over the world bringing his level higher and higher. Currently in Maui doing the yearly photo-shoots with his sponsors, he’s also been involved in some mesmerizing windsurfing movies such as Minds Wide Open, Rail to Rail & Four Dimensions. Having spent an evening with Victor over a great sushi dinner, we found him to be most humble and friendly despite his great achievements in his career. Wishing him the very best for this year!

If you can read Spanish check out Victor’s website or his blog is mostly translated into English

The Basics:
Name: Víctor Fernández
Age: 27
Nationality: Spain
Status: In a relationship
Where are you currently based? Almería (Spain)
Sponsors: Fanatic/North Sails/Quiksilver
Why are you so passionate about windsurfing? It´s my life.I haven´t found any other sport with this elements.I love it
Most visited website? (Other than Facebook!)
Three words you believe describe you: Calm,friendly,fun
Three words that others might use to describe you: quiet,lucky,positive
A phrase or motto you live by: Carpediem

Shallow Waters
What was for breakfast this morning? Orange Juice,Coffee latte,jamon Serrano with fresh tomato & olive oil
If you were a superhero, which power would you want to have? The power of wind/waves, to make perfect waves everywhere I want so I can choose right or left,big or small,etc…
You’re going on a windsurfing trip to a desert island, other than your windsurf gear, what 3 things do you take with you? Food,my girlfriend,water
Favorite movie? Favorite song? Avatar,right now LMFAO Party Rock
What one thing can you not live without (non-windsurfing related!) My Iphone
Favorite place to eat. Home
When you travel what don’t you leave home without? Computer
If your life story was being made into a movie, who would play your role? And who would be your leading lady? Angelina Jolie
Who would you like to sit next to on a long haul flight? I would like to sit on first class next to my girlfriend
You have four dinner guests, what’s on the menu? Gazpacho-salad-barbacue beef-ice cream
What poster did you have on your wall growing up? Robby Naish,Jason Polakow,Francisco Goya posters
Favorite or most used app? twitter
Money is no object and you have one of those awesome transporter pods from Star Trek so how would you spend your fantasy 24 hours? Look for empty waves around the planet or different planets
If you were invisible for a day what would you get up to? I would visit mysterious places
What song reminds you of summertime? Everybody goes surfing
Do you do any other sports? Yes,Surf,SUP,Tennis,Golf,Beach Volley,Basketball
What would you do if you won the lottery? I´d do the same
If I take a look inside your refrigerator what would I find? not so much right now cause I´m at home just for a week ☺,some drinks as water, ice tea, milk ,turkey, yogurts, vegetables.
If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? VF story

How long have you been windsurfing? 22 years
Where is your favourite windsurfing spot and why? Maui,quantity and quality of waves/wind
What equipment are you sailing on at this current time? Fanatic Boards and North Sails
If you have a number on your sails, what is the significance of the number you selected? E 42,I like 4&2 I think they are my lucky numbers ☺
Who was your inspiration when you started windsurfing and why? Francisco Goya and Jason Polakow.They both have an incredible style in their sailing,I watched their videos thousands of times being a kid,they both rip¡
What’s your preference? Multi-fin or single fin? Jumping or wave-riding? Right now multifin but I´m always trying different combinations.I have a bit more priority in waveriding but I miss jumping after 1 week of only riding.
What advice do you have for someone who’s starting out in windsurfing and would like to progress in the sport? Just have fun,go for it and enjoy your moment,windsurfing is unreal
Which move are you currently trying to master? I´m trying to make my first push forward but I work every move,every day the wind & waves are different so I just have fun trying different stuff
Windsurfing was a hugely popular sport in the 80s. Do you believe it will make a comeback and if so how can people help this along? I believe it can become more popular again,the sport is always there,the level is much higher
If you could do it all over again is there anything you would change about your windsurfing career? Not much¡I´m very fortunate of what I have.
What is your most vivid or favourite memory of a personal windsurfing moment? My first PWA victory at Pozo Izquierdo in 2007 and my PWA Wave World Title 2010
Where was your scariest ride? Tell us a little about the experience. I guess my first time at Jaws last year.We took a boat with Jason Prior from Maliko to Jaws passing that channel with double mast high waves in both sides.That was the scariest part. Riding the wave was the most fun part
If you weren’t a windsurfer, what would you be doing? It´s hard to know but when I was a child I would have liked to be a tennis player but most of the time when I was training it was windy so it was annoying for tennis and I was missing the windsurf¡
Which windsurfing move do you wish you had invented? Back loop and double forward
Do you have any lucky charms when you sail? I don´t
What has been your biggest windsurfing achievement to date? World Champion
What are you doing when you’re not windsurfing? Training at the gym,surfing,SUP,Tennis,watching movies,travelling with my girlfriend,having a coffee,etc…
If you could interview another windsurfer, what one question would you like to ask them? this is hard,we all get same questions all the time ☺
Do you enjoy the travelling that goes hand in hand with windsurfing and what tips do you have with traveling with windsurf gear? This is most of the time the worst part for us but it´s probably the hardest part of our work,checking and carrying so much gear but then is all more positive
What challenges have you encountered in your windsurfing career? And how did you overcome them and what lessons did you learn? I guess when you start in any sport is always hard.You have to put a lot of effort,energy and be positive even when you don´t have sponsors at the beginning and you have to share everything with other guys to travel around,car,food,accommodation,etc…but I think is worth it if you really love it.If you work hard results will come.
What kind of training do you do, be it physical or mental, to keep you in shape for windsurfing? I do train 4 to 5 days a week at the gym with Core,running,swimming,some weights when I´m home or in a place like Maui when we have no contest and I have time to prepare it but the most important thing to windsurf constantly to don´t loose the feeling in the water.
What are your favorite conditions to sail in? I guess side shore wind portak,4.5 sail and 81 lt board
What are the biggest misconceptions about being a pro? sometimes a miss home
As a pro, what have been your highlights as a windsurfer? And the low points? The evolution of the moves,equipment,new spots¡The low points maybe just a bit disappointed about the small wave tour we have.I miss a proper wave world tour with 8 or 10 wave contests.

Deep Waters
What is the kindest thing someone has ever done or said to you? You are an example for me,never change
What was the last book you read & what was the last movie you watched? La Sombra del Viento,Infierno Blanco
What is your favorite childhood memory? Weekends at the camping where I grew up as a child with family and friends
What do you see yourself doing in 10 years from now? Still a bit far away,many things can happen so I don´t know yet.
If you had to live your life over again what would you change about it? Nothing,I am a happy boy¡

And Finally…
I’m a big believer in….every day
Call me crazy but…. i´m not
My favorite place on earth is… at home
My parents are….the best¡
I could never….stop windsurfing
I’ve always wanted to….get better better Life is nothing without…. Joy
Today I will…. Go to the cinema 🙂
The internet is….crazy
If I had the power I would change…. things
I am…. Ready for action

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One thought on “Victor Fernández : E42

  1. Gabriel says:

    Hiii !!
    I come from France and i think that Victor know me ^^
    I just want to tell him that the kindest thing that someone told him came (i hope probably) from me 😉
    He is an example for me , please victo … Never change !!
    All yours 😉

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