Summer is here with a vengeance in Cyprus and it’s officially sweltering. Everyone seems to think it’s awesome living on a mediterranean island but after a few weeks of raging heat and humidity and living in an air-conditioned environment you’re definitely ready for a cool breeze and some rain! Sounds almost about ‘maui-time’!

I guess if you’re a windsurfer here in Cyprus the worst thing is the lack of wind and, on the rare occasion when it is windy, the conditions are pretty flat and boring. Having said that, surprisingly there is a spot on the island that isn’t half bad for surfing and SUP, but as that doesn’t go off too regularly a lot of Cypriot windsurfers end up traveling to Greece to catch the ‘meltemi’ winds and more recently they’re going in the other direction to some of the Arabic countries for some more radical action. Paul is heading off in an easterly direction to Oman in a few days’ time and I’m hoping when he comes back from his travels there will be a few photos or even a video to post!

It’s been a while since I last posted – sitting in front of a blazing hot 30″ computer screen isn’t my idea of fun in this heat – and I’m waiting for some interviews to come back to me so I thought I’d share some photos from last year’s trip to Maui. Not just any old photos … wipeout photos!

I know you all love these, right?! 😀

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