This & That!

This blogsite has been running for less than a year and during that short time it has been a huge honor to be able to interview some of the best windsurfers in the world on our blog and great to be able to share some of our photos here as well as a few of our experiences. We are very appreciative to the windsurfers who have taken time out of their busy schedules to give us an insight into their lives by answering our hordes of questions! Thanks too to the surfers I’ve been able to photograph especially those surfing at Peahi in October. Hoping to have a few more exciting interviews to post soon … everyone’s busy in the water right now!

At the moment Paul & I are in Maui and are updating our Facebook page on a regular basis with images so if you haven’t seen our page please take a moment to visit the Fish Bowl Diaries page on Facebook and click ‘like’ while you’re there!!


Amorphia Photography

One thought on “This & That!

  1. Giovanni Cappellaro says:

    Hi you both, accidentally I discovered the site yesterday … very nice, go on. Tell Paul to send me his mail address. Have a nice time and all the best for 2013. giovanni, austria, europe

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