A Day in the Life of Victor Fernandez Lopez : E42, Spain

While we were in Maui we had the opportunity to document a day in the life of one of the current top windsurfers, Victor Fernandez Lopez. Here’s what he got up to!

Victor kick starts the day off with a healthy breakfast before checking out the day’s forecast and replying to emails.
 photo blog000_zps9ab8637f.jpg

Last year Victor stayed in the rain forest area of Haiku which is on the North Shore of Maui and only a few minutes drive from Ho’okipa. A quick gear check and a short drive to our next stop.
 photo blog001_zps6a123f19.jpg

Unfortunately for Victor he had an ankle injury from the Sylt competition which he was still having treatment for in Maui with Sam from Deep Relief. Deep Relief has a solid reputation for their work and is well known for their effective treatment especially amongst the athlete community. Let’s hope you’ll never need to visit Sam but in case you do here’s the website! http://www.deepreliefmaui.com
 photo blog002_zps389a226b.jpg
 photo blog002a_zps2b96254c.jpg

After being KT taped for some extra support for his windsurfing session later in the day, Sam gives Victor a few exercises for his ankle.
 photo blog003_zpscc700d70.jpg

Next stop, COFFEE! Baked on Maui is a great little coffee shop at The Cannery in Haiku and they serve some the most tasty pastries you can find on the North shore! You’ll often find many of the local windsurfers and surfers stopping off here. Victor has a few more errands before getting to Ho’okipa including picking up some MFC Fins which is also at The Cannery. MFC Fins are hugely popular with professional windsurfers and they also have a great range of SUP fins. For more info check out the website. http://www.mauifin.com/
 photo blog004_zpsedcbe7a6.jpg
 photo blog004a_zpsea01800f.jpg

We then head on upstairs for his first meeting with two of Positive H2O’s founding members, Pascal Bronniman & Jake Miller. Positive H2O is a movement for clean water that brings together a community of athletes, conservationists, non-profits and companies, which help to facilitate local solutions on a global scale. Their mission statement reads “we promote a lifestyle that is healthy, conscious, creative and in harmony with the environment. Having clean oceans and access to clean drinking water and sanitation for people in need are at the top of Positive H2O’s priorities.” Victor is one of H2Os team riders. Take a moment to check out their website and feel free to contact Pascal or Jake to see how you can help http://www.positiveh2o.com
 photo blog005_zps95f1372b.jpg

We haven’t quite left The Cannery yet! We get a sneak peak at one of Victor’s new boards! Victor’s custom board is shaped by his Fanatic shaper, Sebastian Wenzel, and then these boards along with Victor’s feedback provide the basis of next year’s production boards for Fanatic.
 photo blog006_zps1516fbcc.jpg
 photo blog007_zps518bffa9.jpg
 photo blog007a_zpsa84ba2c3.jpg

After all errands are run it’s off to Ho’okipa for one of Victor’s last sessions while he was on Maui last year. Here are a few shots of Victor rigging up at Ho’okipa, adding his new +H2O sticker to his sail and setting up his Go Pro!
 photo blog008_zpsd2597d27.jpg
 photo blog008a_zps15d7f7b2.jpg
 photo blog009_zps3bd28f40.jpg
 photo blog009a_zps7c21f68f.jpg
 photo blog009b_zps813111a8.jpg
 photo blog015_zps12a064da.jpg
 photo _PAU5687_zps4de9f325.jpg
 photo blog011_zps84f5d446.jpg
 photo blog011c_zpsbe8b9366.jpg

Many thanks to Victor for letting us follow him and also for putting up with my camera being stuck in his face for most of the day!

Most of the photos below were shot on this same day with the exception of a 2 or 3 which we thought were worth posting too!
 photo v001_zpsc9b3a9e9.jpg
 photo v003_zpscd8a06d9.jpg
 photo v002_zps85f9ad62.jpg
 photo v004_zpsa2fbf58c.jpg
 photo v005_zps9bb981af.jpg
 photo v006_zpsc40cbb61.jpg
 photo v007_zps513d7721.jpg
 photo v008_zps2bfbb24b.jpg
 photo v009_zps6f12dc3b.jpg
 photo v010_zps72c2b7c5.jpg
 photo v011_zpse31fda84.jpg
 photo v012_zps0381e612.jpg
 photo v013_zps8d5ddb39.jpg
 photo v014_zps5a3b6152.jpg

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3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Victor Fernandez Lopez : E42, Spain

  1. Ben says:

    thanks for the great photos and view into Victor’s routine. Curious that he is getting a custom board. I thought he rode Fanatic production boards. Hmmm

    • amorphia says:

      Hi Ben, glad you liked the photos. In regards to the custom board in the photos, this was shaped by Fanatic’s shaper Sebastian Wenzel and then next year’s production boards for Fanatic are based on the custom board and the feedback that Victor provides on the board. I’ve added that info into the post – my mistake for not doing so initially!

  2. dani says:

    Such a good post and Victor is an amazing guy, so talented but so humble at the same time, a good friend too 🙂

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