Don’t you hate being asked to write or say something about yourself? I do! Maybe you don’t even care who’s writing this blog or who’s taken the photos! If so, take your leave now before I lunge into a lengthy essay about who Paul & I are!

Actually that whole remark about a lengthy essay was a blatant lie. I’m going to keep this as short and as sweet as possible!

Paul & I are professional photographers, we’re married, no kids (probably why we still look a lot younger than we are!), had the most adorable & greatly loved boxer dog who lived to the ripe old age of 13 and would love another ‘man’s best friend’ but need/must/want to get some traveling under our belt before committing ourselves to another cute dribbling mutt!

Paul has been windsurfing since he was 13 when he worked at a water sports in Cyprus. To say he’s passionate about the sport would be a huge understatement. Wind websites get checked on a daily basis and I have no idea how many times he’s watched the same windsurfing movies over and over again! As for me … creative & arty but not ditsy, definitely not very organised much to mine and Paul’s dismay and not so much the sporty type but hooked on photographing windsurfing/surfing/sup when we’re on a windsurf trip!

Ok, that’s it in a nutshell. If you want the essay version, hunt me down on Facebook or email me!
Sofie, Paul & Tyson


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Great idea! love it and i wish you guys and your blog all the success in the world. love you both very much and miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXXXX i miss tyson too. still remember when you where taking these pics like it was yesterday xxxxxxxx liz xx

  2. alkis says:

    Great Job love it

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