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Antoine Martin | Guadeloupe

There are some people in the water that you know are going to go for it whether it’s over mast high or only knee high and one of those people is Antoine Martin. Although he’s well known for trying many manoeuvres in all kind of conditions he tells us he’s not as fearless as most people would believe. Despite that admission, we can see that nothing stops him from windsurfing with an intensity and passion that has made him a great windsurfer.

 photo ant001.jpg

Name: Antoine Martin
Age: 20
Nationality: born in Guadeloupe
Status: girlfriend
Where are you currently based? Guadeloupe
Sponsors: JP, Neil Pryde, MFC, Tainos, Etra, Zoo Rock Cafe, Adenfi, Adf médico dentaire, Coté Sud, H2O. Without my local sponsors I wouldn’t be here!
How many languages do you speak? Which ones? English, French, Spanish, Creole
Why are you so passionate about windsurfing? I’m from an island so I’ve always been around water so I’ve become addicted to water. I started with surf and skimboard and other water sports but my favourite sport became windsurfing.
Most visited website? (Other than Facebook!) Any site that has news about windsurfing
Three words you believe describe you: crazy, happy, I enjoy life
A phrase or motto you live by: When you have a dream, go for it.

 photo ant001.jpg

 photo ant001.jpg

 photo ant001.jpg

 photo ant001.jpg

If you were a superhero, which power would you want to have? To feel no pain.

You’re going on a windsurfing trip to a desert island, other than your windsurf gear, what 3 things do you take with you?
Surfboard, goggles/mask, girlfriend

What poster did you have on your wall growing up?
I had many posters. I had a book of double page spreads from magazines of windsurfers.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be?
I like my life! I wouldn’t swap with anyone.

Who would you like to sit next to on a long haul flight? There are some kids in Guadaloupe who like windsurfing. They are so motivated and they live for it and I want to pick one of these little guys to join me to fly over to Maui.

 photo ant001.jpg

 photo ant001.jpg

 photo ant001.jpg

 photo ant001.jpg

How long have you been windsurfing? Since I was 5 years old.

Where is your favourite windsurfing spot? Guadaloupe and Maui

If you have a number on your sails, what is the significance of the number you selected? F193 – It’s my birthday.

How did you deal with the crash at Jaws when it happened? You think beforehand that if something like this happens to you you’ll never survive. You see another guy falling in Jaws but when it it’s your turn you just think ok it’s my turn. You forget everything, let everything go and super concentrate and you’re not afraid.

Who was your inspiration when you started windsurfing and why? My cousin. He was a really good sailor. He would be here if he continued windsurfing. He stopped windsurfing when he was 18 but if he continued he’d have been sponsored.

Which move are you currently trying to master?
I have many moves I’m trying. It depends on the weather. When I’m in side off conditions I try some surf moves, when I’m in Pozo I try other moves. On Maui I try many moves because it’s not my tack. I’d like to do a perfect 360.

Which spot haven’t you sailed at yet which you’d love to try? Cabo Verde. It’s one of the best waves of the world. And Marshall Islands.

 photo ant001.jpg

 photo ant001.jpg

 photo ant001.jpg

 photo ant001.jpg

What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
When I want something I give my all. 100%. I would like to stay more relaxed.

What is a typical night out? What is a typical night in?
If I stay home it’s because I’m tired and I did too much! In Maui, we just windsurf but in Guadaloupe I go to the beach or go to the waterfalls during the day and at night I’ll just hang out with friends.

 photo ant001.jpg

 photo ant001.jpg

 photo ant001.jpg

I’m a big believer in…. life is what you make it.

Call me crazy but…. when I go crazy on the water, I am afraid!

My favorite place on earth is…. Guadaloupe

My parents are…. fantastic

I could never…. live without my family and my friends

I’ve always wanted to…. go windsurfing

Life is nothing without…. windsurfing

Today I will…. try my new board

The internet is…. good and bad

If I had the power I would change…. the pollution in the world

I am…. super Titoun!

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A Day in the Life of Victor Fernandez Lopez : E42, Spain

While we were in Maui we had the opportunity to document a day in the life of one of the current top windsurfers, Victor Fernandez Lopez. Here’s what he got up to!

Victor kick starts the day off with a healthy breakfast before checking out the day’s forecast and replying to emails.
 photo blog000_zps9ab8637f.jpg

Last year Victor stayed in the rain forest area of Haiku which is on the North Shore of Maui and only a few minutes drive from Ho’okipa. A quick gear check and a short drive to our next stop.
 photo blog001_zps6a123f19.jpg

Unfortunately for Victor he had an ankle injury from the Sylt competition which he was still having treatment for in Maui with Sam from Deep Relief. Deep Relief has a solid reputation for their work and is well known for their effective treatment especially amongst the athlete community. Let’s hope you’ll never need to visit Sam but in case you do here’s the website! http://www.deepreliefmaui.com
 photo blog002_zps389a226b.jpg
 photo blog002a_zps2b96254c.jpg

After being KT taped for some extra support for his windsurfing session later in the day, Sam gives Victor a few exercises for his ankle.
 photo blog003_zpscc700d70.jpg

Next stop, COFFEE! Baked on Maui is a great little coffee shop at The Cannery in Haiku and they serve some the most tasty pastries you can find on the North shore! You’ll often find many of the local windsurfers and surfers stopping off here. Victor has a few more errands before getting to Ho’okipa including picking up some MFC Fins which is also at The Cannery. MFC Fins are hugely popular with professional windsurfers and they also have a great range of SUP fins. For more info check out the website. http://www.mauifin.com/
 photo blog004_zpsedcbe7a6.jpg
 photo blog004a_zpsea01800f.jpg

We then head on upstairs for his first meeting with two of Positive H2O’s founding members, Pascal Bronniman & Jake Miller. Positive H2O is a movement for clean water that brings together a community of athletes, conservationists, non-profits and companies, which help to facilitate local solutions on a global scale. Their mission statement reads “we promote a lifestyle that is healthy, conscious, creative and in harmony with the environment. Having clean oceans and access to clean drinking water and sanitation for people in need are at the top of Positive H2O’s priorities.” Victor is one of H2Os team riders. Take a moment to check out their website and feel free to contact Pascal or Jake to see how you can help http://www.positiveh2o.com
 photo blog005_zps95f1372b.jpg

We haven’t quite left The Cannery yet! We get a sneak peak at one of Victor’s new boards! Victor’s custom board is shaped by his Fanatic shaper, Sebastian Wenzel, and then these boards along with Victor’s feedback provide the basis of next year’s production boards for Fanatic.
 photo blog006_zps1516fbcc.jpg
 photo blog007_zps518bffa9.jpg
 photo blog007a_zpsa84ba2c3.jpg

After all errands are run it’s off to Ho’okipa for one of Victor’s last sessions while he was on Maui last year. Here are a few shots of Victor rigging up at Ho’okipa, adding his new +H2O sticker to his sail and setting up his Go Pro!
 photo blog008_zpsd2597d27.jpg
 photo blog008a_zps15d7f7b2.jpg
 photo blog009_zps3bd28f40.jpg
 photo blog009a_zps7c21f68f.jpg
 photo blog009b_zps813111a8.jpg
 photo blog015_zps12a064da.jpg
 photo _PAU5687_zps4de9f325.jpg
 photo blog011_zps84f5d446.jpg
 photo blog011c_zpsbe8b9366.jpg

Many thanks to Victor for letting us follow him and also for putting up with my camera being stuck in his face for most of the day!

Most of the photos below were shot on this same day with the exception of a 2 or 3 which we thought were worth posting too!
 photo v001_zpsc9b3a9e9.jpg
 photo v003_zpscd8a06d9.jpg
 photo v002_zps85f9ad62.jpg
 photo v004_zpsa2fbf58c.jpg
 photo v005_zps9bb981af.jpg
 photo v006_zpsc40cbb61.jpg
 photo v007_zps513d7721.jpg
 photo v008_zps2bfbb24b.jpg
 photo v009_zps6f12dc3b.jpg
 photo v010_zps72c2b7c5.jpg
 photo v011_zpse31fda84.jpg
 photo v012_zps0381e612.jpg
 photo v013_zps8d5ddb39.jpg
 photo v014_zps5a3b6152.jpg

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Josh Stone : Maui, Hawaii

Josh Stone is a regular at Ho’okipa, quite often riding the biggest waves on days when no one else is out (yesterday, for example!), and for the last few years you’ll often see him there with his son Harley who is becoming a strong windsurfer in his own right and very much a part of the young blood of windsurfing.

Josh was PWA Freestyle World Champion in 1999 and 2000 and also the inventor of The Spock. Despite no longer being on the Pro circuit he remains one of the strongest wave sailors at Ho’okipa which is no mean feat considering he arrived in Maui from Oahu sailing goofy foot and had to completely change the way he sailed to master Ho’okipa. His explosive style makes him a stand-out in the water and one of my favorites to photograph!

Not only a powerful sailor but very much a family man, Josh embodies the spirit of Aloha and he lives up to his reputation of being one of the friendliest people in the windsurfing circle.

Many thanks to Josh for his interview!

The Basics:

Name: Josh Stone
Age: 41
Nationality: Hawaiian
Status: Happily married…2 awesome kids
Where are you currently based? Maui
Sponsors: Goya
How many languages do you speak? Which ones? English…passing French, passing German
why are you so passionate about windsurfing? It has been a part of my life since I was a young boy growing up in Kailua. I love the concept of combining water and air to create such a powerful sensation.
Most visited website? NA…I don’t really check out websites.
Three words you believe describe you: Fun, fun, happy.
Three words that others might use to describe you: Fun, fun, happy.
A phrase or motto you live by: You only go around once so you better go hard!

Shallow Waters

What one thing can you not live without (non-windsurfing related!) My family…I’ve been lucky enough to have the gift of time since retiring from pro-windsurfing, and I’ve spent most of that time with my wife and kids. They are really the only thing I can’t live without.

What poster did you have on your wall growing up? I actually had a poster of Robby Naish of course! I grew up a few doors down from him in Kailua and the first time I saw him I was surfing in the shore break and this guy on this pink sail goes flying SUPER high over us, and I thought…that’s definitely what I want to do! He was for sure the most inspirational windsurfer of all times, and I doubt there is a windsurfer alive that hasn’t had a Naish poster on the wall at some point in their life.

Favorite or most used app? Instagram…I love it because my family can see what adventures we are on at anytime and it pushes to facebook and twitter, so it is really visible. Pictures can say so much more than words.

What person would you like to swap lives with for one day? No one! I absolutely love my life. I couldn’t think of a better one.

Do you play any other sports? For sure…surfing, sup, biking (mountain and road), and snowboarding. When you live in a playground like Maui, you play!


How long have you been windsurfing? I’ve been windsurfing since I was 11 years old. I learned with a wood boom!!! So that’s about 30 years! WHOA!

Where is your favourite windsurfing spot and why? Now days it’s Ho’okipa because it only takes me 30 seconds to go home for lunch and then come back for another session.

What equipment are you sailing on at this current time? Goya…Fran is the BEST when it comes to gear because he’s fanatic and he knows what works…he’s still a flipping insane windsurfer. Keith Taboul shapes all of our boards, and there is no question he is by far the best shaper in the world…ask all the pros from all the other brands where they REALLY get their boards…I think the industry would hate that question to be truthfully answered! Hahahaha.

Who was your inspiration when you started windsurfing and why? Naish was my number one inspiration, but other Kailua stars were as well, like Peter Cabrinha. I remember a final at Diamond Head between Naish and Cabrinha when I was really young. It was like watching clash of the titans…truly unbelievable. ALSO, my dad was a huge inspiration. He was always a legendary waterman, and whenever he was in the water, his power and grace was unmatchable.

What’s your preference? Multi-fin or single fin? Jumping or wave-riding? Right now..quads are my favorite, and I have been trying different setups. I just keep coming back to the quads. Wave riding is my favorite at the moment because my ankles are REALLY starting to give me hassles, and landing flat from big loops is something I pay for now. I still LOVE the feeling of a huge stalled back or push loop, or a planning forward, I just know I’m gonna feel it.

What advice do you have for someone who’s starting out in windsurfing and would like to progress in the sport? Stick with it! Even with all the frustrating plateaus of progression, nothing feels better then finally nailing a move you’ve been dreaming of, whether it’s a tack or a wave taka. The learning stoke NEVER goes away in windsurfing.

Which move are you currently trying to master? Wave takas…again…I keep getting them for a month or so, then I lose them…very frustrating especially when you see Brazzy, Gram, Morgan and Bernd nailing every fricking one!!!

Windsurfing was a hugely popular sport in the 80s. Do you believe it will make a comeback and if so how can people help this along? For sure…sports are cyclical. Windsurfing combines water and air in an incredibly efficient way that creates an unbelievable power and speed…that will always be something people desire…to bring nature together to become greater than one’s self.

Deep Waters

A piece of wisdom you’d pass onto your kids?
Enjoy your life! That doesn’t mean don’t work…it just means don’t forget to have fun on the ride because it is the most awesome gift!

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years from now? Exactly the same thing! I love my life and being with my family here in Maui. We travel, have fun and do interesting projects. I hope this can be what I’m doing in 30 years!

What do you consider to be your worst quality? Your best quality? Impatience…I really have to work hard to be patient, and that’s important because impatience can cause stress for no reason. My best quality is that I truly believe in equality amongst all people. This makes it very easy for me to get along with just about anyone anywhere. It makes for a happier life.

What irritates you about other people and how do you deal with it? I don’t like when people are snobby. I’ve never understood what makes one person feel like they are better than others. I hate the VIP thing…it’s just silly.

If you had to live your life over again what would you change about it? Nothing! Life is a culmination of experiences that make you who and what you are…good and bad. To change something would change the fabric of who you are. Just enjoy the ride and try and do better if you’ve done something you’re not proud of.

And Finally…

I’m a big believer in….having fun.

My favorite place on earth is….home.

My parents are….awesome.

Life is nothing without….family.

I am….ready to go to the beach after this interview!!!

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Levi Siver : Maui, Hawaii

This week we met with Levi Siver on the north shore of Maui for a face to face interview and amongst other things we discussed his role in Quatro, his beliefs and secret spots he’d like to go to.

Originally hailing from Idaho, he moved to Maui with his parents and his brother Luke when he was at a very young age. Ho’okipa soon became his home break and with many years of experience under his belt he has built a deserved reputation for himself as one of the best wave sailors that Ho’okipa has seen.

Levi can easily be called one of the windsurf legends of the last decade but there are no unnecessary airs and graces when you speak with him.  He’s an easy-going, regular guy with a keen sense of faith and determined belief in doing good. At 31, he still sails as intensely as when he was younger with no hint of taking it easier any time soon and has proved himself a master at riding large, powerful waves.

The fact that he is so well known as a professional windsurfer is proof in itself that taking a different route than most in windsurfing has paid off for him and he has reaped not only success but happiness in following his career on his own terms.

Levi currently has a new responsibility with Quatro which is to film and get content for their website to communicate the Quatro brand. He tells us that he enjoys the creative side of videography and when I joked with him that sometime in the future he may end up doing Windsurfing Movie 5 he laughed and replied, ”I hope not! It’s not the Lord of The Rings Trilogy! I want to do a different name.” We’re all eager to see what’s in store in the future!





The Basics

Name: Levi Siver
Age: 31
Nationality: American
Status: Single
Where are you currently based? Maui
Sponsors: Oxbow, Redbull, Quatro, Goya, Positive H20, MFC, Dakine
Why are you so passionate about windsurfing? I think it’s about escapism. It’s a place where you can enjoy and you don’t really have to listen to other people tell you what to do. It’s your place and it’s cleansing . You’re in the ocean. It’s healthy, it feels good and you learn a lot about yourself, your fears, what you’re capable of and it’s progression. To become better at something. It’s always been a way for me to escape. It’s just fun, it’s playing. You stay young!
Most visited website? Surfline
Three words you believe describe you: Relaxed, passionate, reclusive
A phrase or motto you live by: Do unto others as you want them to do unto you





Shallow Waters

If you were a superhero, which power would you want to have? Time travel.
You’re going on a windsurfing trip to a desert island, other than your windsurf gear, what 3 things do you take with you? A really beautiful awesome girl, plenty of stuff for barbecue and cold beverages.
So food, drink and a woman?!! Yeah! *laughs*
Who would you like to sit next to on a long haul flight? A really cool beautiful woman or a super funny comedian that makes you laugh and pulls you out of your own little world.
What poster did you have on your wall growing up? Maybe all the Gaastra guys at that time – Robby Naish, Jason Polakow and the Pritchards.
Is it weird now that you’re best friends with some of these guys like JP? Yeah but it just shows the longevity of the sport, that some guys stay relevant and stay competitive through many decades which I think is cool and is inspiring to me because  I’m coming into my best years at 31. I think progression in windsurfing can happen for years as long as you stay smart about it. I have way more experience and understanding of how waves work in my 30s rather than my 20s because I’ve had years of accumulation of everything.
What person would you like to swap lives with for one day? Barrack Obama. I’d set some things right!
Do you play any other sports? I love all water sports. I love watching soccer.






What equipment are you sailing on at this current time? I’ve been riding on LS thrusters and dabbling on the Quad LS. Yeah, Keith’s wave boards pretty much.
Who was your inspiration when you started windsurfing and why? I think my brother was probably my first inspiration because we were so close and we were doing the same things and we were pretty close in age. I don’t think I would have sailed Ho’okipa as soon as I did and or progressed throughout the years without him because he was older and a fearless windsurfer. It put me in that frame of mind at a young age where maybe naturally I may not have been there but having a brother totally instigated that so yeah, I would say my brother.
How close is your relationship? Close.  In the beginning it was a little bit too much. Too head to head. We were super competitive, it got a big agro. Some fighting and things but we always loved each other. We’re friends and put the childish things behind us. I’m grateful to have my brother.
What is your most vivid or favourite memory of a personal windsurfing moment?
I would say probably putting the work in to go somewhere new like Morocco or the Marshall Islands where it was kind of a gamble. We spent a big chunk of our production budgets and it could have easily been a failure but it wasn’t. It was this total success in a 48 hour window and you look at your little crew you’re with and there’s two, three, four of you guys there and you don’t even have to say anything and everyone has the same emotion and you don’t even have to express it.
You must be closer for it? It’s a gamble and when you risk more you get more rewards. It’s something that’s left undone in windsurfing, that adventurous side of exploration, finding new waves to ride. Not going to the same ones. It takes a little more risk factor because some places aren’t that good.
Anywhere you haven’t sailed that you think one day you want to go there? There’s a few places.
Or maybe they’re secret places and you don’t want to tell us?!  I won’t give away the name. There’s one place in Mexico I want to go. For me I want to go to long right hander point breaks. I like starboard tack. I like long clean waves and I think there are a lot of those that do get windy and no one has put forth the the effort to go to all of them. I like to go to Cape Verde. It’s probably one of the best waves in the world for windsurfing.
So this spot in Mexico, any plans to visit it? Yeah I will go and video it.
Sooner rather than later? Yeah, it’s a summertime spot but right now here is pretty much the spot to be.
Where was your scariest ride? Tell us a little about the experience.
Scariest ride? Uhhmm. Probably Jaws. *pause* Just Jaws! Tow surfing Jaws January 2004, that big day. That was probably the most scared I’ve been in the ocean and those were the biggest waves I’ve seen in my life.
Which windsurfing move do you wish you had invented? I would say the Taka, it’s pretty sick. It’s a natural feeling move.
What are you doing when you’re not windsurfing? Basically I love to surf when there’s no wind and I’m a nature guy. I love to camp and be outdoors and be with friends.
If you could interview another windsurfer, what one question would you like to ask them? I don’t know, it depends on the personality. There’s a lot of different characters in our sport. I’d probably like to ask Mark Angulo why he moved to Florida!!
What are the biggest misconceptions about being a pro? That some people think you’re an arrogant person because of the way it’s marketed. It’s an adrenalised, crazy sport so people easily get caught in the hype of it. I think they judge you on that factor a little bit too quickly. I don’t think there’s any room for that arrogant attitude. It’ll spit you out. If you look at the top guys they’re humble, chilled guys and pretty unassuming personalities. Even like Philip Koster, all the guys, they’re down to earth, real. The guys on tour right now have a real passion for windsurfing and I don’t feel that they’re in it for the money. You don’t have any other choice than to do it for the love and passion of it.





Deep Waters

Other than family, what do you cherish in your life and why is it so important to you? I would say my faith is the most important thing. My spirituality and faith in God which has got me through every aspect of my life and shaped the way I see the world and given me a deeper appreciation for the good things in life. When that’s right I’m more at peace with myself and the world around me.
Do you believe in a higher power? Elaborate a little on your beliefs. I believe in the witness of Jesus Christ. I believe he is the fulfilment of God’s plan and salvation for the world. His witness is the most powerful testimony in history and in everything I’ve seen with my eyes ever since I was a small child.
How has that changed your life? I believe this life has purpose. I believe these few years are more important than we could possibly imagine for an eternal plan.
What is a typical night out? What is a typical night in? It’s more about the people I’m with.  I love light music but not much of the music on Maui. I don’t care  for reggae. I like the old time Bob Marley stuff but the new stuff not so much and that’s about 95% of the stuff on Maui. I like Indie Rock, alternative rock or old time bluesy jazz or anything cultural.
What do you see yourself doing in 10 years from now? I don’t really know.
Videographer maybe? I love the creative process of film and putting a vision together on a canvas of film with music. I want to stay passionate about whatever I’m doing. Ten years? that’s a long time away.
How do you personally define success? I think whatever you’re handed in life depends on how you’re responsible with it and if you use it to benefit others and for the right intentions that’s a success on every level.
So it’s not about popularity or money? I feel that’s the cancer and disease of the world, people misunderstanding success and true happiness with riches, wealth and power.
What accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction in your life? For personal satisfaction, when I left the PWA and did things my way and went to places I wanted to go to and I think I became a better windsurfer when I stayed true to what I wanted to do. I feel like I was trying to live a blueprint for windsurf success that’s been moulded through the years for the industry and I finally just said I’m going to go and do things my way and my sponsors stayed with me and my contracts got better and I feel my level of sailing got better because I was doing something I believed in for myself.
If you had to live your life over again what would you change about it? There are all kinds of things you learn along the way but if you treat your failures right and through your faith those are the things that define you and help you grow so it’s hard to look through it all and wonder what you’d change.





And Finally….

I’m a big believer in…. God

Call me crazy but…. I don’t care

My favorite place on earth is…. right here

My parents are…. a blessing

I could never…. move to LA

I’ve always wanted to…. be happy

Life is nothing without…. friends and family

Today I will…. enjoy

The internet is…. addictive

If I had the power I would change…. the world

I am…. here



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Summer is here with a vengeance in Cyprus and it’s officially sweltering. Everyone seems to think it’s awesome living on a mediterranean island but after a few weeks of raging heat and humidity and living in an air-conditioned environment you’re definitely ready for a cool breeze and some rain! Sounds almost about ‘maui-time’!

I guess if you’re a windsurfer here in Cyprus the worst thing is the lack of wind and, on the rare occasion when it is windy, the conditions are pretty flat and boring. Having said that, surprisingly there is a spot on the island that isn’t half bad for surfing and SUP, but as that doesn’t go off too regularly a lot of Cypriot windsurfers end up traveling to Greece to catch the ‘meltemi’ winds and more recently they’re going in the other direction to some of the Arabic countries for some more radical action. Paul is heading off in an easterly direction to Oman in a few days’ time and I’m hoping when he comes back from his travels there will be a few photos or even a video to post!

It’s been a while since I last posted – sitting in front of a blazing hot 30″ computer screen isn’t my idea of fun in this heat – and I’m waiting for some interviews to come back to me so I thought I’d share some photos from last year’s trip to Maui. Not just any old photos … wipeout photos!

I know you all love these, right?! 😀

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