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Billbong Pipemasters 2013

It’s been a couple of days now and much has been discussed and debated but after all the reflecting on the Pipemasters’ results is said and done, no one can argue that it wasn’t an epic final day that kept us all on the edge of our seats as we watched with anticipation as to who was going to draw breath coming out of the barrels and who was going to score big or go home. Competitors got to surf a Pipeline that met up to all the expectations predicted by the swell gurus and spectators were treated to a show that exceeded all those expectations. These photos relive some of those moments from Saturday’s unforgettable Billabong Pipemasters 2013.

 photo pipe-001.jpg

 photo pipe-002.jpg

 photo pipe-003.jpg

 photo pipe-004.jpg

 photo pipe-005-fanning.jpg

 photo pipe-006.jpg

 photo pipe-007-outer-reef.jpg

 photo pipe-008.jpg

 photo pipe-009-john-john.jpg

 photo pipe-010-slater.jpg

 photo pipe-011-hobgood.jpg

 photo pipe-012-fanning.jpg

 photo pipe-013-zeitz.jpg

 photo pipe-014-pupo.jpg

 photo pipe-014-pupo.jpg

 photo pipe-015-flores.jpg

 photo pipe-016-fanning.jpg

 photo pipe-017-fanning.jpg

 photo pipe-018-wilson.jpg

 photo pipe-019-wilson.jpg

 photo pipe-020-zeitz.jpg

 photo pipe-021-zeitz.jpg

 photo pipe-022-slater.jpg

 photo pipe-023-parko.jpg

 photo pipe-024-parko.jpg

 photo pipe-025-slater.jpg

 photo pipe-026-slater.jpg

 photo pipe-027.jpg

 photo pipe-028.jpg

 photo pipe-029-lost-flipflops.jpg

 photo pipe-030.jpg

 photo pipe-031.jpg

 photo pipe-032.jpg

 photo pipe-033.jpg

 photo pipe-034.jpg

 photo pipe-035.jpg

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