Antoine Martin | Guadeloupe

There are some people in the water that you know are going to go for it whether it’s over mast high or only knee high and one of those people is Antoine Martin. Although he’s well known for trying many manoeuvres in all kind of conditions he tells us he’s not as fearless as most people would believe. Despite that admission, we can see that nothing stops him from windsurfing with an intensity and passion that has made him a great windsurfer.

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Name: Antoine Martin
Age: 20
Nationality: born in Guadeloupe
Status: girlfriend
Where are you currently based? Guadeloupe
Sponsors: JP, Neil Pryde, MFC, Tainos, Etra, Zoo Rock Cafe, Adenfi, Adf médico dentaire, Coté Sud, H2O. Without my local sponsors I wouldn’t be here!
How many languages do you speak? Which ones? English, French, Spanish, Creole
Why are you so passionate about windsurfing? I’m from an island so I’ve always been around water so I’ve become addicted to water. I started with surf and skimboard and other water sports but my favourite sport became windsurfing.
Most visited website? (Other than Facebook!) Any site that has news about windsurfing
Three words you believe describe you: crazy, happy, I enjoy life
A phrase or motto you live by: When you have a dream, go for it.

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 photo ant001.jpg

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 photo ant001.jpg

If you were a superhero, which power would you want to have? To feel no pain.

You’re going on a windsurfing trip to a desert island, other than your windsurf gear, what 3 things do you take with you?
Surfboard, goggles/mask, girlfriend

What poster did you have on your wall growing up?
I had many posters. I had a book of double page spreads from magazines of windsurfers.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be?
I like my life! I wouldn’t swap with anyone.

Who would you like to sit next to on a long haul flight? There are some kids in Guadaloupe who like windsurfing. They are so motivated and they live for it and I want to pick one of these little guys to join me to fly over to Maui.

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 photo ant001.jpg

 photo ant001.jpg

 photo ant001.jpg

How long have you been windsurfing? Since I was 5 years old.

Where is your favourite windsurfing spot? Guadaloupe and Maui

If you have a number on your sails, what is the significance of the number you selected? F193 – It’s my birthday.

How did you deal with the crash at Jaws when it happened? You think beforehand that if something like this happens to you you’ll never survive. You see another guy falling in Jaws but when it it’s your turn you just think ok it’s my turn. You forget everything, let everything go and super concentrate and you’re not afraid.

Who was your inspiration when you started windsurfing and why? My cousin. He was a really good sailor. He would be here if he continued windsurfing. He stopped windsurfing when he was 18 but if he continued he’d have been sponsored.

Which move are you currently trying to master?
I have many moves I’m trying. It depends on the weather. When I’m in side off conditions I try some surf moves, when I’m in Pozo I try other moves. On Maui I try many moves because it’s not my tack. I’d like to do a perfect 360.

Which spot haven’t you sailed at yet which you’d love to try? Cabo Verde. It’s one of the best waves of the world. And Marshall Islands.

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 photo ant001.jpg

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What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
When I want something I give my all. 100%. I would like to stay more relaxed.

What is a typical night out? What is a typical night in?
If I stay home it’s because I’m tired and I did too much! In Maui, we just windsurf but in Guadaloupe I go to the beach or go to the waterfalls during the day and at night I’ll just hang out with friends.

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 photo ant001.jpg

I’m a big believer in…. life is what you make it.

Call me crazy but…. when I go crazy on the water, I am afraid!

My favorite place on earth is…. Guadaloupe

My parents are…. fantastic

I could never…. live without my family and my friends

I’ve always wanted to…. go windsurfing

Life is nothing without…. windsurfing

Today I will…. try my new board

The internet is…. good and bad

If I had the power I would change…. the pollution in the world

I am…. super Titoun!

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